Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday link-love

Another week, another Friday. Some link-love to lighten up your afternoon.

MEET some crafty folks at this new weekend retreat, the Craft Sessions.

LISTEN to a 12 year old explain the Egyptian revolution in under 3 minutes.

DESIGN a rhino for Taronga Zoo. That's right, a rhino. Or baby rhino.

MAKE some polymer clay necklaces. Sew Brunswick posted this great list of 'how to' sites.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Knitting up some vitamin d

It's been a bit rainy here lately - so when the sun finally emerged it was time to soak up some Vitamin D! I finished this one recently and wore it for the second time today. I'm slowly discovering the occasional dropped stitch as I wear it (found one in the elbow area as I took these pics!). This is the Heidi Kirrmaier Vitamin D pattern made in Madeline Tosh Merino Light, Candlewick colour.

Ok admittedly I started this last year, about mid-winter and only just finished it BUT it was my first cardigan and the wool is fairly thin. I'm chuffed how it turned out. The colour is lovely (mustard anyone?) and it fits like a glove. I should have probably done a super stretchy bind off around the neck as it does pull up a bit.

The pattern is quite easy to follow and I love the effect of the yarn-overs, it just adds that tiny detail. Can anyone spot the extra hole though where I dropped a stitch?

The front pieces also have a lovely drape to them. I'd definitely recommend this pattern if you're new to knitting larger pieces, the instructions are really clear and it's easy to google acronyms you don't understand.

Volia! One more warm, knit piece to add to the wardrobe.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Fabric-a-brac Chantilly

Here's another one I finished a wee-while ago, the Colette Chantilly. The fabric I picked up at Fabric-a-Brac earlier this year, it was this gorgeous vintagey green cotton. 

It's gotten much too cold to wear this one lately, but I think it''ll come out of the closest again once the weather warms up.

I made a muslin and had to take out a fair bit of fabric at the bust area. It's pretty tricky to space out all the gathers but I'm not too fussed with how it all turned out. All in all, a nice dress but time will tell if it gets wear or not.

On the plus side, it goes well with the new(old) purple funkis clogs!