Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Moving and an update

As a kid we only ever moved house once, from a house in the city centre to a block of land about 30 minutes away. It seems to be as I've gotten older and moved from sharehouse to unit to house, I've become better at adapting to change and trying to go with the flow. So when our little unit was put up for sale a few months ago, Benj and I thought it might be time to start looking for somewhere a tiny bit bigger to rent - with a backyard was Benj's criteria. 

After a bit of searching and a few inspections we found a lovely little run-down cottage house just a few blocks away from where we currently live, with a giant backyard and in our price range. Hooray! 

Saturday we  hired a truck and with the help of my bro and our two lovely friends Megan and Ben, loaded all our crap in the back and drove it to the new place. 

It's amazing the little differences you appreciate. Bathtub! Full phone reception! Television reception without rabbit ears! A big room just for sewing! A backyard with lots of veggie space! 

The only downside is now I never want to leave for work! 

Ben, Megan and I out the backyard. 

The panoramic backyard view
In other exciting news, a new sewing/craft place has opened up near Broadway in Sydney. They were looking for people to get involved and I'll be holding a sewing stretch leggings workshop in a few weeks time! Eek! If you know anyone looking to learn to make their own clothes, let them know!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Muslin: Lonsdale Dress

Sewaholic's Lonsdale dress has been on my 'to do' list for a while and when I discovered A Fashionable Stitch was having a big sale, it seemed like no better time than to buy the pattern (and a few many other bits and pieces).

I started with a muslin just to check sizing round the chest region. Lucky, because there are a few bits and pieces I need to change. First up, I used this wonderful fitting post to help me, and had to make almost the same changes.

The front.

First the tiny bit of bust gaping around the top. I think this is the same adjustment I would have needed to make with the Tiki dress, if only I'd recognised it at the time. I also appear to have an incredibly short waist because I'm seriously removing like an inch from the front and back waist - is that normal?

From previous dresses, I've noticed my upper body seems to be quite short and my legs long.

I also had to remove a chuck from the centre front - I'm not really sure if this is right though?

The back. Yeah, I kinda take short cuts sometimes on muslins.

What do you think? Do you always have to take the waist up? Am I making the right adjustments?