Monday, 13 August 2012

The Saffron Cross-Over

Lately has been a knitting bonaza. I've been feeling in a bit of a sewing funk so have been knitting my little wrists off. Have you noticed how this season has been all about the orange? Not the food....the colour! Or perhaps more of a tangerine, pumpkin is a better way to describe it. Anyway, I've been keen to have an item this colour in my wardrobe but being completely disheartened with the quality and variety of cute jumpers out there in this colour I decided to make something myself.


I saw this Purl Bee Short Row Sweater a while back and had it on my list of to-make patterns. I made it up in the recommended Blue Sky Alpaca Melanges in Saffron colour. It didn't actually take too long at all, perhaps because there's barely any back to it!

Cross-over back
I'm fairly chuffed with how it turned out. It's a bit shorter than I imagined, particularly in the back but I think once spring sets in it will be nice to wear with a singlet top underneath. At the moment I'm finding it a bit hard to match any colours or outfits to it. The other thing that confuses me about this pattern is the sleeves. They're not singlet top nor are they cap sleeves....odd.

Apologies for my lack of photos outside, it was FREEZING cold here on the weekend, I'm not sure when the weather's going to change but I'm getting sick of all this winter weather. Bring on spring! 

Directing the photographer. "Don't forget to get a photo of that bust area, you"

In the background here is my muslin of a new creation...the cause of my sewing funk. What is it with me and excess back material? I seriously have to cross over the back by about and inch and a half at the top for it to fit. Anyone else have this problem?


  1. Ohmygwad you just knitted something up just like that! One day I'll have a knitting machine. I keep saying that whenever I see a cool knitted thing and eventually one will just appear. Also the last picture-I was totally distracted by all the patterns (+books) in the back ground and then thought "focus the camera here while I quickly flash the good stuff aight?" XD 

  2. wow, I love that  colour Dana.