Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A running start

Happy new year!

I know, I know, we're almost halfway through it! Sorry I may have a been a bit distracted melting, watching new/old tv shows, and thanks to this creature:

May I introduce you to Neika. Neika, my blog readers. Neika is Ben's dog that he bought as a puppy and has been living out his folks, next door to a dairy farm where she would sneak off to and drink/eat the cream, hence the slight chubbiness.

She LOVES pats and will roll over onto her back anytime anyone comes near with a look in her eyes 'pat me pat me pat me pat me'.

I'm not one for new year resolutions but reflecting on my sewing from last year, some of my most worn pieces were the least expected. I discovered a real love of all things stretch and knit my first jumper (and discovered just how warm real wool is!). For 2013, I'd like to sew a few more plain colour pieces that I can mix and match. Perhaps some knit tops and some skirts.

On another note a small confession - I may or may not have gone on a small online shopping spree. It was 2nd Jan, I was back at work, life was tough, y'know?

So many delightful goodies. I'm currently working on 3 (!) dresses, so eventually I'll get one finished to share. I also have Lonsdale dress pics which are in Canberra and I'll try to get and post soon. Picture a tropical fruit lady.

In other quick photo updates, we had a crafternoon with a bunch of friends. Look bunting!

We also grew a bunchload a basil, made jars and jars of pesto. I fit in a quick sewing project makin a Colette Meringue out of fabric my ma got me a while back. Hope you all had a swinging start to 2013!


  1. Has Neika come to live with you? She is super cute!

  2. Hey welcome back! That dog is a darling and you seem to have a productive time of it anyway XD

  3. Thanks! It also seems more productive on reflection hey...

  4. Hi Bodhana - can you please send me your surname for your badge for the abcd meet-up next week? Looking forward to meeting you! (steph at stephbond.com)

  5. Hi Bodhana, would you mind sending me your last name for the Life InStyle peeps so we can organise a badge for you? Can't wait to catch up :) Steph

  6. Hi Steph, I've just left a comment on your blog but just in case my surname's Szydlik.