Friday, 1 June 2012

To sleeve or not to sleeve

That is the question. Whether to wear ones sleeves too tight, or let the arms hang free. 

So I got overexcited and made a Banksia top without making a muslin. Of course, this would cause problems with the end result. For some reason the sleeves were just SO tight, they dug right into my armpits. There's nothing I find more uncomfortable than tight sleeves. How about you? 

So I decided if I actually wanted this top to get some wear I had to take drastic action. Operation Sleeve removal. I did this the really untechnical way, I'm sure there is a technical way out there but for all of you lazy people who have tight sleeves and want a quick fix here's what I did.

Step one: Try on top.

Step two: Mark with a pen where about you'd like the sleeves, or sleeveless-ness to sit.

Step three: measure one side to make sure both sides are even. For me, I needed about 1 inch just from the bottom of the sleeve, the top part was perfectly fine. So I just marked 1 inch out from the bottom side seam on each sleeve and then cut the sleeve out with scissors, being careful not to cut away too much seam allowance at the bottom.

Step four: Make some bias tape! Making bias tape is pretty easy and makes your top look all neat and professional. I had lent my bias tape maker to Megan just earlier that week so just ironed the tape in half and then ironed the other pieces into the centre. Volia bias tape! If you're not sure, here's an easy tutorial from Colette Patterns.

Step five: Sew bias tape onto top.

Step six: Bask in the glory of your new, comfortable, armpit relaxing top. 

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