Saturday, 14 July 2012

The 20-something dress

Well well well looking grown-up. I call this the 20-somethings dress, for some reason whenever I wear it I feel just that bit more grown-up. Apologies for the poor pictures but there's only so much photography a boy can be roped into doing. I need to invest in one of those stand things that you can tie to trees and stuff.

Guess what pattern this is??

Not sure what that creepy smiley balloon's about...

Guessed yet? It's the Sewaholic Renfrew! I've had this wool knit in my stash for a while now and was meaning to make a general Renfrew with it. But as usual I got excited and couldn't really see myself wearing a top on it's own so decided to lengthen it into a dress. I didn't actually re-trace the pattern I just keep drawing when I traced the fabric till I hit about the right length. This wool is a bit thin so it could probably use something underneath it, which I will look into. Just a petticoat or something.

The Refrew pattern was SO easy to make. Just whoosh, whoosh, whoosh and volia! There's a top (/dress)!.

I'll definitely be making more of these, probably a few t-shirts come summer, and perhaps using this as a base for some more t-shirt dresses.
The lovely cowl neckline.
Oh, also, loving the neckline on this. Simple but elegant. I've already got lots of comment on this dress from strangers (who have no idea I sew!). I paired it with some bright red tights the other day and it looked great. I think definitely the kind of dress to match with bright tights.

What's that over there?

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