Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My first jumper

I am so excited! Big news to share......I finally finished my first jumper!

Let's jump for joy!
I'm feeling pretty chuffed about this one. I've been knitting for a few years but never really made it beyond tea cosies and scarves. I wanted to start with a nice easy pattern, nothing to tricky to fit. One of my friends at work has this gorgeous wrap jumper she's been wearing a lot this winter so I've been keeping an eye out for a similar pattern. When I saw this one on Ravelry by Perl Grey, it was love at first sight.

I was down at my folks place, about 20 minutes outside of Canberra, this weekend for my brother's birthday dinner. My little sister has a great camera and sweet photography skills so I actually had a chance to do a little photoshoot.

A nice one out in the garden
I knit it in a Morris and Sons yarn, they were having a sale, I was in a desperate knitting stage and wanted wool RIGHT NOW so it worked out quite well. It's a wool, alpaca, silk blend. It's incredibly lovely and warm, I've worn it about 4 times already. Pssst, little secret...I'm still yet to actually block it! I was just so excited to darn the ends in and wear the bloody thing I couldn't bare to think of having to wait for it to dry in this cold weather. I will do it at some stage though.

Not sure what's happening with my hands here....wacky wrists!

I also wanted to share with you the delicious and crafty cake my little sister made for my brother. He's an accountant .....

It tasted as delicious as it looks!


  1. great photos and nice jumper too!

  2. Oh that is awesome! I love how the wrap part melds in perfectly with the raglan sleeves. I don't knit but hopefully I'll have a knitting machine one day. Also, you are tall!

  3. A knitting machine would be the dream! I think these photos have accentuated my tallness, I'm about 170cm,so yeah, on the taller side :)