Thursday, 12 July 2012

Up Walcha Way

Last weekend Benj and I took off in a van and headed up north a bit. It's school holidays round these parts so Benj has a fair bit of time off.

Leaving Thursday night we made our way up past Newcastle. Stopping at Myall Lake National Park we slept in the van and woke up to a delicious breakfast of pancakes (yep, I'm spoiled). Om nom nom. We kept driving up towards Crowdy Bay National Park, stopping at Taree so I could look at the op shops and Benj could buy a fishing rod (all about priorities folks). Unfortunately nothing much in the op-shop there but never mind. After we finally made  it to Crowdy Bay (narrowly dodging many a pot hole and Benj having to suss out the probability of getting bogged) we set up camp. And then the rain set in! So while Benj stood in the ocean and fished I sat in the van and read 'In Cold Blood.' If you haven't read it, do so. It's fantastic. Slightly creepy to read while camping but never mind.
A giant kanga watching us as I made a cuppa, pancakes for breakfast! Benj testing the water levels, will we get bogged?

On wards and upwards! Moving towards Wauchope we stopped at lots of great little op-shops where I got some of these delights...

Cute doona cover with birds on it, thinking about using it for a dress. The red fabric is kinda like linen and I'm still not sure what inspired my to pick up the holey fabric.

We ended up driving along the the Oxley highway which is a gorgeous drive, along winding roads and ducking in and out of forest and rainforests until you reach the highlands. Staying overnight at Tia Falls we did a lovely walk, lit a campfire and watched the stars. Gosh I love camping sometimes!

The next night we stayed in Walcha in a little B &B and headed out for dinner. We came across the only place in town that was open the 'Chinese Restaurant' (actually called Chinese Restaurant). As soon as we walked in the music playing sounded really familiar but I couldn't quite place why. Then I realised! Ah a pan pipe version of the wind beneath my wings. That's not all! They had the Beatles panpipe style, songs from the Bodyguard, it was never ending! I love places like that.

Benj enjoying a left over meat rissole. He's looking at that with pure joy. Building a campfire, sitting next to campfire, cows on the way.
Now we're home! A lovely little break away. I managed to get lots of knitting done and am already ready to share something with you!

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