Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A chill in the air

It's heeereeeee. Winter time is setting in (ok it's been pretty warm lately but I'm sure it's on its way). This past weekend my Ben and Megan's Ben both headed off to the coast for a boys weekend, leaving us with plenty of time for sewing, shopping and watching Game of Thrones (8 hours - addictive).

I thought it was time I attempted to plan out a wardrobe and come up with some ideas of what I might actually wear. It was a pretty fun exercise, I trawled through all my patterns, fabric and notions and jotted down what I would attempt to make this autumn/winter.

This season, I will be conquering knits!

I've never sew with anything knitted before, the stretchiness scares me a bit. But after my recent experiences with the Indian dress (to be posted soon), I think I need a break from zippers and lining. I'll be using this nifty self-help guide from Lladybird to get me on my way.

My autumn/winter plan consists mostly of tops with a jacket and dress thrown in for good luck.

Below some mood boards. Excuse my dodgy photo editing skillz but you get the point.

First up we have the simple wrap top.  So versitile, this little baby goes with pants, skirts AND dresses.

Next up a simple, no-zippers found here jersey dress.

Winter just wouldn't be winter without a Sewaholic Renfrew on the cards.

It's about time I attempted a jacket and a Burdastyle pattern. With a flash of colour on the inside. 

Got this pattern from a friend the other day, a nice green jersey wrap top would be a great addition I think.

And just in case... a bonus round...

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  1. I really love the look of the Banksia!