Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Herringbone wrangler

I'm finally learning how to relax on a weekend and managed to fit in some good sewing time this weekend without worrying about what we were going to eat for dinner this week!

I'll post later in the week two finished projects (yes, you read right, two!) but I wanted to share with you this lovely herringbone scarf I made for Ben recently.

I've tried to branch out in my knitting a bit this season and I like to challenge myself with new patterns and techniques so decided to learn the herringbone stitch. I used this pattern from the Purl Bee, and although at first I had to refer to the pattern every two seconds (seriously, so confused at first!) I eventually got into the rhythm. Once you know the pattern it's actually quite easy because you can easily tell the right side from the wrong side so it's a bit harder to bugger up!

I used this really thick cream wool I got at The Fabric Cave which means it's a really toasty scarf.

Here's Ben wearing the scarf; he wouldn't allow a photoshoot so I draped it over him while he was fixing something. Hence the drill thingo.

This weekend we also had an impromptu BBQ with Ben, Megan and Pete. It was delicious and a lovely way to spend an evening.

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