Thursday, 5 April 2012

On my sewing table: an Indian suprise

Time seems to have flown by recently and it seems like only yesterday I started my latest project. When we were in India I saw some of the most beautiful fabrics. In a fabric store in Jaipur my heart almost stopped numerous times from pure excitement and joy.

I bought this lovely block stamped fabric in above mentioned fabric store in Jaipur and couldn't decide what to make with it to begin with. So it sat in my cupboard for a while until I finally pulled out a dress pattern that I thought just might work. A dress pattern with princess seams!

I was hoping these princess seams might work better on my smaller bust and so far so good.

So some quick update pictures:

I discovered our stone coasters from India work a treat as pattern weights!

The fabric had this beautiful border on the edge which I plan to make into a feature on the dress. Stay tuned!

The top half - loving those princess seams.

On another note, does anyone know any online sites for making a moodboard?

Hope you all have a happy Easter and enjoy the break!

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  1. What about Pinterest for a moodboard?