Friday, 25 May 2012

How to trap a man

Happy Friday! What a hectic few weeks. I have a MMM update coming up and a small confession on MMM to make, I endeavor to have these up this weekend.

In the meantime here's something for a Friday afternoon laugh. The library in the building where I work was giving away some books for free. There wasn't too much (the usual romances and bad travel books), but I did spot this beauty.

 Published in 1963 which is quite late to be publishing these kinds of books I thought? We did get a good laugh from it though.

Ah to have a man that will take care of all my bills.

The bit I managed to cut off in this photo says 'Your Chastity is your most precious asset'

Uh oh. 


  1. "... enables her to look with condescension on all single females" That's awful! Thank God the times have changed, it would have killed me to be a woman in the 60s.

    1. I know! After a bit more browsing of the book and chatting to Benj we both think it must have been a joke. It seems a bit over the top to be real.