Sunday, 27 May 2012

One night in Bangkok

Technically it was one week. But the song doesn't sound quite the same when I hum that in my head.
I was lucky enough a to go to Bangkok for a work conference not last week but the week before. I arrived back last Sunday night and last week seems like a bit of a blur!

I was super excited, partly because I'd never been to Bangkok, partly because I would get to meet all my work colleague from the region and partly because it was warm weather so could break out all my Me Made May gear for hot weather. Hurrah!

The first outfit (15 May) was actually a blue and cream striped t-shirt dress (similar to StitchyBritts here) which I wore on the plane with leggings. I hadn't taken any pictures yet and then managed to leave it in the hotel. Funny story actually, they had one of those fire smoke alarms that had a green light that flashed constantly and kept me awake. So I hung that dress over it to block out the light. Then left it there. Poor cleaners must be wondering what I got up to!

The first day of the conference (16 May) I wore my new black dress with slightly Polish feeling trim, the Colette Pastille (yet to be blogged). I finished this the day before I left *phew*. I'll take some close up photos soon to post about but the top part of this is so nice and neat (!) as I had enough black material to line it. I added some flowery looking trim I had in my stash to make it slightly different to a plain black dress.

The second day (17 May) I had to do a presentation and decided to go with the Megan Nielsen Banksia top (not yet blogged). I originally made this with sleeves but they were so ridiculously tight and uncomfortable I had only worn it once. I ripped off the sleeves and put bias binding around the edges. The collar maybe stands out a bit more now, but at least it's comfortable and will get some wear.

Last up (18 May) I decided to go with the Colette Ginger I made last year. Paired with a black top from Kmart, I quite like how it looks like a dress if you don't look close enough.

I sort of failed to complete MMMay on the 19th May. I started the day wearing the Banksia top but I was transferring hotel (these last two days were personal holiday time) and I tell you what , boy oh boy was it hot outside! So by the time I reached the hotel I was sweating something chronic and changed into something a bit flow-ier - but not me-made.

Have you ever been to Bangkok before? It's an exciting place and he days I wasn't working I spent eating, drinking coconuts and having foot massages. I'm one of those people who travel by eating. I just move from breakfast to lunch to dinner to desert and back to breakfast again.

A delicious restaurant that's founded by an NGO that works in HIV prevention and education. It has really delicious food, cute fairy lights and funds go to the NGO's work.

Oh, they also had decorations made of condoms.

Mmmmm coconuts.

Relaxing by the pool.


  1. Get blogging, missy! I've never even SEEN the black pastille! It looks super cute

  2. OMG you went to that place! I've been to B'k but not that restaurant. I saw a doco on them and was really happy-it should be on iview still (you know the one about interesting people). They did one on the condom-king (the old man that owns the place) seemed like a pretty cool dude. So what souvernirs did you bring back? XD
    Also, this is my 3rd try on the recaptcha X....S Please,install disqus I X::::::S (that's crying with both eyes now. A lot ok?)X:S