Friday, 4 May 2012

Leggy brunette

Last weekend Benj and I headed back to Canberra to visit my family.My sister pointed out these leggings she wanted online yonks agobut they cost about $80. I thought this was just craaazy so I decided to whip her up a few pairs while I was in town.

We headed into the local Spotlight when we picked up this cheap green stretchy jersey and black and white stretchy jersey. I used a burdastyle pattern and a leggings drafting tutorial to double check the measurements on the pattern.

Here's Deeny sitting out in the sunshine in her new green leggings.
Doing some exercises.

The black and white pair.

It's always lovely to go back to Canberra, I particularly like the autumn days, beautiful sunny, warm days and chilly nights. We drove the new Beetle down there and boy oh boy was it fun!


  1. You have a beetle! That is awesome, more pics please! I made a bunch of tights too-traced out a Jalie pattern and went a bit nuts- I'm truing to modify them to be more like stockings- i.e. with the sock bit that goes around the toes (so I can wear them without socks when I've shoes on).

    1. That's genius! How did you modify the pattern? Did you already have a sock-type shape to add onto it?