Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The world's slowest Indian dress


 I finally  finished my Indian delight dress. I bought this hand printed block fabric in Jaipur when we were travelling around in January. I really wanted to make something I would wear often but that was slightly special.
The vital stats
Pattern:New Look 6824
Fabric: Indian block printed
Cost: about $10?
Time to make: a few epsiodes of This American Life. Including that Mike Daisey one and The Retraction. Have you listened? If not, I highly reccomend it!

Hanging out the washing in my fancy dress

To be honest, I'm not as happy with this dress as I would have liked to be. I had some major issues with the lining and just find this style/fabric colour doesn't suit me as much as I would like. The fabric was quite thin so I decided to line the whole thing. It was the first time I'd lined a skirt section of a dress and for some reason thought that I didn't need to keep the tucks on the lining (what was I thinking?!). So I eliminated the tucks and just sewed it straight up. Rooky mistake. Once finishing I'd finished it all I discovered it didn't go over my hips. Uh oh.

So I cut a massive line up the right and left sides and sewed in an extra section of fabric. Dodgy hey?
But it all worked out alright in the end.

This fabric has this gorgeous border print that I really wanted to be a feature on whatever dress I made. I managed to figure out how to place it so it ended up right on the edge of the cap sleeves. I am quite chuffed how these turned out.

This should get a bit of rotation during Me Made May, I need to maximise every handmade item I've got at the moment!

Ps. Sorry about the pictures in this post, blogger seems to be mucking up on me and having difficulty fixing it up tonight.

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